World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) Byron Bay 2020

World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) – just what the title suggests… riding a bike NAKED! An event that takes place in over 70 cities and 20 countries all around the world! One of my favourite events in the nudie calendar! On Sunday 8 March 2020, I participated in my second WNBR right in my backyard in Byron Bay!

World Naked Bike Ride took off in 2004. Whilst WNBR represents a number of worthy causes such as bike safety, body positivity and the environment, WNBR has its primary roots in raising awareness about cycling and bike safety to advocate for lessening our dependency on fossil fuels. As the event has grown and spread all across the world, people are banding together in a show of unity to also stand up for social nudity and body positivity. In essence, I suppose many are riding for a cause/s which they hold close to their heart.

Last year I wrote a blog about my first ever WNBR, which you can find at

This year I had awesome company, more biodegradable glitter and a camera in hand! This really is a great way to showcase non-sexual nudity and comradery. People banding together for a cause bigger than themselves. People of all different ages, sizes, shapes, gender, ethnicity…uniting through diversity and activism.
This is definitely a fun video and one that I hope will inspire you to get involved in a WNBR near you.

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So, get yourself some refreshments, wind down and sit back and enjoy 🙂
Happy viewing!

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